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Does ‘perfect’ exist and is ‘fitness’ a goal?


Someone asked me the other day whether I really am as healthy and perfect as I make it look like on my blog.

It made me think that maybe I’m paining the wrong picture of myself here on The Internet.  I definitely hope that I’m not coming across as “perfect” – I simply try to do my best every day but that can also mean once in a while eating pizza on a Friday night if I really feel like it.

I don’t even think in terms of whether I’m “perfect” or that there is only one right way and one wrong way to do something.

I am however mindful of my choices every day. Just like most women on this planet, I have a tendency to be an emotional eater. I am fully aware of that and most of the time I can pinpoint when I need to eat from hunger and when from other reasons. That doesn’t mean that I never eat when I realise that it’s not hunger that’s making me want to eat – sometimes a woman needs to “feed” her emotions. That’s just how it is with us emotional/hormonal creatures. I just make sure it’s not Ben&Jerry’s that I grab, but something a little more gentle on my sensitive digestion (tip: gluten & sugar free banana bread is amazing for PMS).

I have also by now figured out what makes me feel good about myself and what doesn’t – exercise, for example, makes me feel like a superwoman so I can’t imagine my life without it.

I don’t, however:
a) weigh myself
b) overanalyse the visual look of my body (i.e. stare at myself in the mirror)
c) read women’s magazines and sadly most fitness magazines as well

I am mindful of how my body feels every day, during and after each activity or meal.  Exercising and eating well is just what makes me feel good, day in and day out. I don’t do “diets” or “detoxes” or “cleanses” after which I will have the “perfect” body and the “perfect” health.

For me there is no “goal” as such, I’m not thinking that I just need to run x miles for x months and THEN I’ll be “perfectly” fit, or that I need to be 100% sugar/gluten/dairy free for x months and THEN I’ll be “perfectly” healthy, etc…

I really just do take it one day at a time and there are good days and not so good days and it’s all just part of life and every next morning is a new day and a new beginning 🙂

(And I’m fully aware that I don’t write much about the bad days. I just don’t want to overanalyse them, that’s why.)

What do you think? Does “perfect” exist in your opinion? Do I need to write more about the bad days so I don’t come across as “perfect”? 🙂

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  • Reply
    February 2, 2014 at 11:39 am

    I think because we talk on twitter I know you have ups and down and not quite as in control as I think the blog of you protrays. I think you have a must appear in control persona, please don’t take that as a insult as it’s not meant as one we all have a version of us that we would prefer others to see.

    The problem with the word “perfect” is that it has no one definition when applied to a person, like the word beautiful it is subjective.

    I think we do like hearing about other peoples bad days just so there is some context and so we don’t feel alone when we are having bad days.

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      February 2, 2014 at 12:56 pm

      I do think my blog is one of my coping mechanisms. If I wrote about all my anxieties and panic attacks (not the real kind but real enough for me) and stuggles with parenting, etc. I’d feel even more overwhelmed. So I try to just run/lift/sleep through the bad days and concentrate on & write about the good ones 🙂

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