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Marathon training – Week 9: Starting to get excited!

This week’s keywords are “sore legs” and “lots of fun”. The sore legs started with 30kg lunges at Crossfit on Monday and whereas I’m not walking funny anymore, the legs will really love and appreciate the rest day tomorrow.

The fun started with the long run on Wednesday – it was a beautiful sunny day, I varied my route a bit and as a result I did not find the run to be as boring and tedious as they have felt in the past few weeks. It felt great and I felt strong. As a result I found myself getting a little giddy with excitement about running another marathon in a month and then another one 4 weeks later!

The fun continued with an evening at my Crossfit box on Thursday. I never go in the evenings but there was a special event on and I got to listen to a fascinating sports nutrition seminar and then do a fun 15 minute partner workout.

In summary the training went down as follows:

  • Monday: Crossfit
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday:
    • 30km at 5:50 min/km pace
    • Bikram
  • Thursday:
    • 6.24km at 6:19 pace (run commute with backpack again, I’m starting to like those, the backpack makes sure I keep a really slow recovery pace)
    • short Crossfit session as part of the Great British Box Tour
  • Friday: Crossfit (awesome 25min partner workout 🙂
  • Saturday: 13.46km at 5:17 pace
  • Sunday: 8.81km at 4:38 pace (this was actually intervals of 1km for the first 5km, I walked for a minute in between)

Total: 58.51km

In Bikram I was able to do the toe stand position for the first time. Previously my funny left leg (remember the one that used to bother me on and off for months but is behaving quite well these days?) didn’t let me get there but this week it did 🙂

All in all it’s been a really good week. I thought I only had 2 more long runs to do but because I’m doing them on Wednesdays I actually have 3 more to do – another 30km, then 33km and then 36km. After that I’m tapering for 2.5 weeks until Paris. I have not yet decided or looked into how much running I should do between Paris and Milton Keynes. There are only 4 weeks in between and the first week I’ll be in France with the kids so probably not much running, during the 3 weeks after that I’ll probably do around 35-40km a week with the longest run being no more than 20km. I’m not sure whether that’s too much though… Should I take it really really easy instead? Let me know if you’ve run two marathons within 4 weeks.

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