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Occasional behaviours vs habits

Home made sugar free chocolates

I used to believe that PMS didn’t exist. That all the women who said that they were moody or grumpy or craving chocolate and cake a week before their period were making it up. I never experienced that and honestly thought that women just made that sh*t up as an excuse to eat cake.

Then I hit 35 and it started for the first time. Hilarious? Not so much. (Karma IS a bitch after all)

This week I have been eating cake (well, gluten-free banana bread and brownies to be exact). There isn’t anything wrong with eating cake but I personally suffer immediately after I eat it. Firstly I cannot moderate sugar so I eat more than a small serving and secondly I get a stomach ache and a major bloat straight away. That in turn makes me even more grumpy than PMS does so it actually makes no sense that I would eat cake at this time of the month but women and their hormones do not make sense in any way so don’t try to make me explain this one.

Anyway, there’s been cake but I’ve come to accept that in the greater scheme of things it does not matter at all. MOST of the time I do not eat things that do not agree with my digestion. The few times that I do, do not make a difference because it’s not what you do occasionally that matters or defines you, it’s what you do regularly and consistently that does.

And now I’m off for a run. Because that’s what I do consistently 🙂

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