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I’m actually not a machine

Anyone who’s into fitness loves to be complemented with words “You’re a machine!” – it means we’re tough, determined, unbreakable, unstoppable.

I certainly love to be called a machine but I also need to remind myself once in a while that I’m actually NOT a machine – I am a human being whose body does need rest and a time-out from time to time.

I take 1-2 rest days a week, but lately I’ve been doing double exercise days so 1-2 rest days when I’ve crammed 7 sessions of running/crossfit/bouldering/bikram into 5 days isn’t enough.

I felt already last Sunday at bouldering that I didn’t have much energy. Nothing was sore as such, I just felt I had less power than I usually do. The willpower was there but the body just failed me on so many climbs.

On Monday I jumped straight into Crossfit of course but after Tuesday’s fiasco of a session I reminded myself that no, I’m not a machine and I need a few days off. I don’t feel that I’m less tough because of that, all professional athletes have an off season, how could someone like me be going at it at 100% of effort all the time and not take it easy once in a while?

So on Wednesday I had a slow 10k run and today I’m not doing anything (normally Thursdays are double-days for me: running + Crossfit).

Tomorrow I might do something light (depends what’s on the ‘menu’ at Crossfit, if it’s too hard core I’ll go for an easy run), Saturday I have a short 5km race and Sunday I have a half marathon which I will most likely run slowly.

Next Monday I’ll take a rest day again and by next Tuesday I hope my body’s recovered enough for me to jump into Crossfit again and be a machine again 😉

Until the next time the human in that machine needs a break.

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