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The most relaxing holiday for any parent is one that doesn’t involve the kids

In the 12 days that we’ve been child-free, I have run 30km, cycled 150km, done 5 hours of Crossfit and 3 hours of bouldering. I have seen a great musical, I have moved to a new office with beach volleyball and a bar right outside, I have run a race, I have dyed my hair blonder again, I have had a massage, I have hung out with friends, I have drunk the best gin & rhubarb cocktails, I have not cooked a single proper meal (raw is the way to go 🙂 and I have forgotten to take my Citalopram the entire time.

I have relaxed and had fun. I have also missed the kiddos a little bit every day but I will see them again in 7 days so until then I will continue to be totally selfish and just do what I want to do – that mostly means a lot of exercise, arriving at work later, staying there later, not cooking, not cleaning, not going home straight after work if I can help it 🙂

Lift, laugh, ride, relax

Out with friends and blond(wish) again

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