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Exercise – it’s not just about “calories in, calories out”

I’m still laying low. I’m still struggling with post-holiday / post-summer blues. Now all of a sudden the routine and the responsibilities hit me so hard day in and day out.

Packed lunches for kids from whom one is gluten intolerant and the other doesn’t eat sandwiches just because he’s 5 and has decided not to. Uniforms, sports kit, every day a different combination for a different kid. Homework to check, books to read, piano diary to fill out (after getting the kids to play the darn thing somehow a bit every week), curriculum evenings at school, classmates’ birthdays, playdates, niece who’s staying in the UK for uni and needs a place to live and a bank account and a national insurance number and her student finance sorted, brand new laptop that died 5 hours after purchasing, constant cooking, constant tidying…

Such is life, of course, and I will feel better again some day but right now I’m totally overwhelmed and just don’t feel calm.

I hate not feeling calm. I hate feeling like everything is under control when I look at my to-do lists but I still feel unsettled and anxious inside.

At times like these I’m reminded again that no matter what, I need to keep exercising. It offers me brief moments of peace and while I’m running or lifting something heavy I always feel that all’s well in the world.

Exercise is not just about calories-in, calories-out. It does wonders for your brain and that is the main reason I make time for it every single day even though I could be cooking or tidying or running around trying to find a shop that still has the boys’ size uniform items in stock because even though everything was ready in the spring for the new year they freaking decided to grow a lot more than I’m sure is normal over the summer 😐

Life as an adult is so freaking exhausting but I will survive. One run at a time, one deadlift at a time 🙂

I leave you with a fun little infographic about the benefits of exercise:

Source: Fix.com


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    Downs Side Up
    September 23, 2014 at 11:09 am

    You are so right, I really need to make more time for exercise as in the long run I knwo it will make me more productive. Hayley x

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