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Crossfit Wimbledon aka my back yard


Double unders are a bitch but I’m alternating with singles and that is loosening up my wrists a lot.

Our back yard has gradually become to be known as Crossfit Wimbledon.  We have two kettle bells, jump ropes, rig with pull up bar, gymnastics rings, rack for weights, a beautiful black barbell and 110kg of bumpers.

My husband has gone a liiiitle bit overboard, but I’m not complaining 🙂


Body weight back squats. Not my PB but good fun on a Friday night.

My right elbow is still a bit weird and even though I took it easy at Crossfit last week, this week I haven’t been at all – when I’m at the box I think I’m going to take it easy but still end up lifting heavier weights than I intended to. So this week it’s been all about running and a bit of Crossfit Wimbledon in between.


Little monkeys like to hang and to swing

The kids like to hang out with me as I’m doing back squats, sit ups and double unders. They get to practice their ‘dead hang’ from the barbell and do Double Superman with me – happy days, turns out I have a great 18kg weight west in my equipment stash as well!


Double Superman. It’s a thing.

I’m not actually the kind of person who usually works out at home on her own. I just don’t have that kind of self motivation. I must spend all of that on running – I do all my long / slow / fast / speed work / runs on my own.

Having some equipment in the back yard makes working out at home a bit more fun for me though and so far I’ve had some good lifting sessions and my double unders are coming along as well!  Maybe it helps that the kids keep me company – if I’m just doing air squats and push ups, they’re not interested in watching either  – they like all the equipment as well 🙂

Anyway, I’m excited about my very own box but nothing compares to an actual Crossfit box with great coaches and a good crowd. Next week I’ll take the elbow back to Thames and just keep modifying what I do until it’s 100% better.  On weekends I’ll work out at home and along with this Whole Life Challenge craziness I’m doing, I’m going to be so buff soon! 🙂  (if I stop eating a kilo of nuts every day!)


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    September 20, 2014 at 9:29 am

    Jealous of backyard gym!

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