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The good side of life

I am signed up to run a half marathon on Sunday but it’s not going to happen as we’re going to Bath this weekend. One of my nieces has started university there and we need to take her stuff to her that she couldn’t haul there herself in September, plus we need to check out where she’s living (in a house with 4 boys!) and show the kids the Roman baths, etc.

After Ealing half I was on a total high and signed up for a few more races in 2014 but I’m not actually sad that I won’t get to race this weekend. Sometimes life happens and races don’t. I don’t keep count of DNS-s.

I’m having fun at Crossfit again after a week off due to New York and I’m running less, but when I do run it’s just for enjoyment and not for speed. I did actually go to Crossfit once while in NYC but it was so uneventful I won’t blog about it. Let’s just say it was a totally different experience from the time we spent at Crossfit 2600 while in Canberra over Christmas – in NYC the coaches said hi to me but no one else did and the quality of coaching was a bit iffy.

Anyway, life’s good right now. Well, in facts it’s always good but I mean it’s good in my head right now as well (other than briefly after a workout involving snatches yesterday – snatches are HARD and confusing and complicated).  It’s day 13 (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) and past experience tells me my hormone levels will start to fluctuate in the next few days and along with that my mental wellbeing. Yin and yang though. It won’t last for long. I’ve been chucking Vitamin B and Agnus Castus again, let’s see if this month I’m less doom&gloom than last month.

As for the Whole Life Challenge – I’m still over it! 🙂  I mostly keep it up though because the end is near but I made some almond meal muffins yesterday with xylitol (xylitol is a no-no) and had 2 Hershey’s kisses today, leftover from my trip but  a total waste of points as it’s not great chocolate at all.

Ramble over. Have a wonderful Friday, y’all*!

*I’m allowed to say that since I lived in the mid-west for 4 years 😉

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