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Mojo or no mojo, some days you just HAVE to run

Last day of October was amazing – sunshine and 21°C. I had a day off work and all morning thought how great it would be to want to go for a run on a day like that. Instead I wanted to sleep.  Or eat. Or both in some kind of alternating pattern.

On days like this – when I know that my reasons for no running mojo are not because I’m tried from other training or because I haven’t had enough sleep, but simply because my brain’s struggling with low serotonin again (or some other chemical/hormonal imbalance) – I know I have to ignore the brain and run regardless.

So I did. It was a struggle at first, my legs didn’t go very fast and my stomach felt dodgy because I hadn’t given it enough time to digest a large eggs & rice bread & avocado breakfast.

Running shoes

I took a few photos of my gorgeous surroundings, breathed in the sun and eventually got faster and faster. I finished the 10.44km run in 55 minutes which is not that fast for me but considering I started out with 6 minute kilometres and for the first 5km did not feel like I could go any faster than that – I’m happy.

After the run I did have a nap 😉

November came with rain and a 10°C drop in temperatures. I’m so happy that I chose to ignore my brain and have that sunny October run.

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    Metropolitan Mum
    November 6, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    God, I want your shoes. I’ll take the legs, too 🙂 xx

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