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Whole Life Challenge – done. The gainz have been plenty :)


Whole Life Challenge – done!  I went to Crossfit this morning to do my final workout, the same one we did at the beginning, to officially call this thing finished.  When I arrived, the measuring tape was already out and people were writing down their final waist and hip measurements. As soon as someone mentioned that their hip measurement was larger than before, loud cheers and shouts of “Ass gainzzzz!!!” followed.

Crossfit – the only place on the planet where you get a high five and a ‘whoop!’ when you mention that your butt is larger than it was a few weeks ago!

Totally heart Crossfit.

I got measured as well and whaddaya know – total ass gains! (and waist gains which I’m totally putting down to six pack gains)

Other stats: weight down 2kgs to 63kgs and body fat down by 0.5% to 22.2%. Workout score better by 7 points.

I moaned and moaned about this challenge after I had done it for more than a month but in the end I learned this:

  • No dramatic transformation took place because I already do a lot of things right* when it comes to eating, exercising, stretching, etc.
  • I can run fast even when I don’t eat any other carbs besides sweet potatoes.
  • I will however now be taking a short break from sweet potatoes. And from nuts. And from eating chicken and roast veg for breakfast.
  • The one thing that I have not missed or thought about at all is alcohol.
  • Body measurements don’t mean a thing to me anymore and don’t bring up any emotions at all. All I care about are gains – speed, weights, skills, etc.
  • The social part of this challenge has been a lot of fun.

All in all – I’m glad it’s over but mostly I’m glad that the biggest lesson I learned is that I’m mostly already on the right track and don’t need to drastically change anything in my life (maybe the meditation part but until meditation somehow stops being so horribly boring, I will count my running and Bikram yoga as meditating). 

Now will someone please send me some pumpernickel bagels from New York?????


*Right for me. Might differ from what’s right for you. 

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