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So much more fun than just floating about

Dickson Pool, Canberra

Swimming has never been my thing. I learned to splash around enough to not drown but we never had swimming lessons at school or available outside of school so my skills ended with being able to do breast stroke with my head above water.

Over the years I remember trying to swim freestyle once or twice in a decade but I always sank and had no idea what I should be doing.

This December I gave it a go again. Just because we’re at the pool with the kids every Sunday anyway and my breast stroke has advanced to me putting my head under water. Such.A.Badass. 😉

I saw my niece swimming and I thought “Damn, I need to keep up with the kids!” (she’s 19) I asked my husband how often I need to come up for air and I was off.

Freestyle is freaking HARD on the lungs AND my quads always ache at the start when I’m not quite warmed up yet. But the feeling of powering through water with every stroke – All.Kinds.Of.Awesome.

And so I keep practicing every Sunday. I cannot do more than 25m at a time, I either have to swim breast stroke back a length or catch my breath for 10-20 seconds.

I’m so excited though to have new skills and it’s so much fun to see myself get better at something. I’m hoping when I’m back in Canberra in December I can swim a full length of my local pool.

Next week I’m off at Center Parcs. Swimming and stomping in the woods. My body so needs a break from everything high impact, I’ve been sore and tired but pushing through it for almost 2 weeks. It’s time to chill out.

See you soon & I can’t wait for summer – LOTS of swimming!

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