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Lu-Ma organic cafe in Wimbledon

Lu-Ma cafe in Wimbledon

Today I popped into Lu-Ma Cafe in Wimbledon for the first time. It’s been open for over a year and I often walk past it but for some reason I’ve never been in before.

Lu-Ma cafe in Wimbledon

The cafe has plenty of seating inside and outside, in fact more than I imagined. However, I love cafes where coffee machines and cakes are visible behind the counter and where I can always smell coffee. Here everything is hidden away and only a small shelf with cold drinks and some desserts is visible.

Lu-Ma cafe in Wimbledon

I ordered an almond milk macha latte to begin with. Something I have never tried before. I don’t know if it’s meant to be unsweetened but this one was and my first sip shocked me a bit as full blast strong green tea taste hit my mouth. I think my brain expected a little bit of sweetness from a “latte”, otherwise I could have just ordered a green tea.

Lu-Ma cafe in Wimbledon

For lunch I ordered a bunless bean burger. It arrived very quickly, less than 10 minutes, but everything on my plate, or on my board, was un-seasoned. The salad was not dressed and cut into long thin strips which I found hard to eat off a board. The burger could have been tasty had I had some salt on my table. Also, it was too uniform looking to feel freshly cooked to me. The sweet potato chips tasted like cooked sweet potato, again, I could have done with some sea salt.

There was some salsa in a little cup but there must have been barely a tablespoon of it in there – not nearly enough. I think it lasted three potato chips.

For dessert I grabbed two brownies to take with me as I was heading to see a friend. When I ate one later on, I found it had whole chia seeds in there and I personally don’t like unmilled chia seeds in baked goods, it feels like sand in between your teeth. Tastewise the brownies were ok but nothing to die for.

I had very high hopes for this cafe and sadly was disappointed when I left. I will go back though and try some of their other food, maybe I just got unlucky this time. Their menu looked to be quite varied so I will try a few other things before I completely make up my mind about this place.

It definitely is very cozy, has quick service and friendly staff.

Anyone been to Lu-Ma Cafe? Anyone know what a matcha latte is supposed to taste like??


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