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New 10k PB and a new Grace PB

Clapham Common 10km race

Two weeks ago I ran the Clapham Common 10km race. The one that’s really, really bendy and not my favourite route at all.

I had the time of 45:57 to beat though, so bendy or not, I went for a PB. Innovation Sports races are nice and small so as we started I saw straight away that there were just two women ahead of me. The first one took off into the distance within the first kilometre. The second one sprinted off as well but stayed within my sights. The game was on, I was going to catch her.

I ran the first km in 4:22 which was a bit fast at the beginning of the race but it’s so hard to pace yourself when everyone else is flying. I knew I had to keep my overall average pace below 4:40 so the fact that I slowed down a bit after that didn’t bother me too much, I was still going pretty fast.

I caught the second lady after the first 5km loop, passed her and then she decided she wasn’t having any of that and promptly passed me again 🙂  I wasn’t going to annoy her any more so I just stayed at her heels for the rest of the race.  When there was just 200m to go I tried to pass her but she freaking sped up so I couldn’t, as soon as I tried to speed up I felt all nauseous so I pulled back and finished 4 seconds after her at 3rd place. Time: 45:27

Third place makes me happy but then I found out that only the first two places got trophies and then I got a bit bummed. I like those Innovation Sports trophies, I have a couple, for coming 4th each time :D. Times must be tough now as only the first 2 get them now. That sucks I think, first 3 getting recognised definitely makes sense. 4 – not so much, 2 – not so much.

Anyway, I shook Helen’s hand and then we chatted and thanked each other for helping to get those PBs we both got 🙂


Last Sunday I took part of a breast cancer fundraising throw down, Kilos for a cure, at Crossfit 1864 in Trinity Buoy Wharf. What an amazing area of London – buildings made from shipping containers, awesome street art, cutest cafe – Bow Creek Cafe.

Trinity Wharf

The tree is not behind the car, it’s in it.


The throwdown had two back-to-back events. First we had 6 minutes to establish a one rep max clean & jerk. I started way too low (in hindsight), I did 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg and 52.5kg and then ran out of time to try 55kg, which is my PB and would have been good to hit.

After a 2 minute break we went straight into a Crossfit workout called Grace – it’s a super quick one and involves just 30 clean and jerks. Just 😉 The intermediate weight was 30kg. I’ve done it with 35kg and finished in 4:46. This time with 30kg I clocked in at 2:25 and that ended up being the fastest Grace time in the women’s intermediate category so I won some stuff! 😀

Kilos for a Cure

Since each heat only took about 10 minutes, the rest of the time there was jus spent cheering others on and eating Battle Oats and getting coffee from Bow Creek Cafe. No better way to spend a Sunday morning 🙂

And now I want to do Grace again with 35kg, I think I can do it in less than 4 minutes.



I just got an email from Innovation Sports:


How exiting, I’ve only done two races from that series this year but the points I got somehow gave me a 3rd place, looks like I’m getting that trophy after all! 😀 😀 AND SOME NEW SHOES 😀


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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    October 28, 2015 at 1:24 pm

    Congrats on the PB and third place! Fantastic 🙂

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