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Walk the tube

When I first moved to London almost 10 years ago, I took the tube everywhere. It was almost like a safety thing – if you got lost, you just had to get underground and you’d be able to easily navigate your way home.

Then at some point I realised that in the city centre, the tube stations are really close. More walking followed.

Then I realised that even NOT in the city centre, the tube stations are often quite close. Even more walking followed.

A few times I have run home from my office, following mostly one tube line all the way, it’s 17km and it’s kind of fun to tick off one tube station after another as I run by.

Transport for London has just issued a tube map with information about walking time between stations. Check it out and don’t always jump on the tube – London has so many wonderful nooks and crannies that you won’t see if you’re always under the ground.


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