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Clothes are replaceable, the benefit of weight lifting is long term

Orange blazer

The universe reads my blog. It read my last post about my latest wardrobe casualty due to my increased upper body size and it sent me a message. It told me to stop moaning about something as beneficial for me in the long-term (and FUN in the short term) as making muscles – it made me pop into Mango where I found a perfect new orange blazer. (this one)

When I saw it I thought, “Seriously? WHAT are the chances? It’s orange and it fits me!”

I was so happy and totally took the message, the message that reminded me that I did not start to lift weights to look a certain way and that a strong body with muscles is actually a very comfortable place to live in. Right now as well as hopefully long way into the future.

In the past I have been both quite a bit rounder than is healthy and also quite slim in my cycling days, but at no time has my body felt as good to live in as it does now – I can run pretty fast and pretty far, I can jump pretty high, I can lift pretty heavy things, I can bend over, touch my toes and then some, I have no aches and pains in my back or knees, unlike so many around me who are the same age as me.

And I happily do all oft these things in a bikini. (well, maybe not deadlifts 😉

We all know that muscle mass starts decreasing once you’re over 30 but lots of women just hear “blah, blah, blah” and keep on doing cardio because their mindset from their early teens has been programmed to aim for slim. To be smaller, taller, leaner, longer…

I used to be like that so I totally get it.

The older I get though the more I’m aware that I need to do all I can to prevent future health issues that are related to muscle loss – fragile bones (strength training is more beneficial for your bones than calcium intake, by the way), weak and immobile muscles, weak and immobile joints.

The older I get the more I also realise that being just cardio-slim into your 40s and beyond not only doesn’t help your health, but it also doesn’t help when you want to prance around in your bikini (you know what I’m talking about).

And I’m not into prancing around in my bikini just for prancing’s sake, I’m into swimming and running on the beach and I find a two-piece more comfy than a one-piece (I have no waist and I feel like a sausage in a swim suit) and I love for once not being self-conscious when I am wearing that little in public.

So I have a new blazer, one that fits my guns and I’m going to keep on lifting because it’s super fun and because its benefits are priceless now and will be even moreso when I’m old(er).

Having visible abs isn’t actually necessary, not does it mean that if you don’t have them that you aren’t. If they surprisingly do pop up though just because you’ve found a way to exercise that’s fun, then enjoy them! 😀

For a proper scientific article on the benefits of weight lifting, read this new article: Why lifting is the new running for the over 40s.

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