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Finding my ‘internal why’

In Crossfit and in running you always hear that it’s important to set goals and train for them. Because I hear it all the time, I think about this a lot. As I try to set measurable and ‘proper’ goals every year from time to time, I think I’ve finally figured out what I actually think about this.

When it comes to Crossfit, I do have some numbers in mind – like a double bodyweight deadlift or 10 strict pull ups – and when it comes to running, I have a sub 20 min 5k, sub 45 min 10k and sub 1:40 half marathon in mind…

However, numbers are not the reason I walk through the doors of my Crossfit box a few times a week and lace up my running shoes on other days.

When I don’t listen to what others tell me I should be training for or aiming for or how I should always every day measure and evaluate my progress, when I just listen to my own internal why – why do I do the things I do – then the answer is this:

  • I do it because it’s fun
  • I do it because my brain relies on exercise to feel calm & happy
  • I do it because being fit makes it comfortable to live in my body
  • I do it because I feel progress even when it’s not measurable or visible to others
  • I do it because learning new skills is satisfying
  • I do it because I like hanging out with the people I do it with
  • I do it because I know ‘old age’ will not catch up with me any time soon if I keep moving, learning, having fun

All of these things might seem wishy-washy to go-hard-or-go-home types, but they are MY why-s.

No external why can motivate me more.  You can tell me that I should aim for a double bodyweight deadlift and when I get there I will totally celebrate it and feel chuffed, but this number is not my ‘internal why’ for showing up every day.

Why do YOU do the things you do? What is YOUR internal why?

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