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What is flow state & how you want to be in it even though you don’t even know it

I used to be a born-again Christian. Yes, really. Speaking-in-tongues type of thing. (If anyone else has been through that, I’d love to hear from you and share stories / recovery tips).

I haven’t been to church for 8 years and that’s another story, but I’ve realised lately just why that experience was important to me back then and just how I’m actually doing other things right now that provide my body and soul the exact same experience. Just without the the constant crippling fear of going to hell because I either had some beer, thought unkind thoughts about people who spit in public or considered having sex even though I wasn’t married.

Once I realised that God is actually a lot more open-minded and a lot less black & white than humans tell you he/she is, I let go of the fear and never went to church again, but I found the positive of what church had offered me elsewhere.

Let me explain…

Humans always have and still do a lot of different things that allow their minds and bodies to be fully present in the moment.

These days it’s called being mindful or being grounded or being in a flow state.

In that mindful/grounded/flow state it’s just you, your body, moving or still. It’s primal, simple, no judgement from within, no thinking about the past or the present or the future.

You get to this flow state by singing in tongues. Or praying. Or meditating. Or dancing. Or running. Or swimming. Or lifting heavy weights. Or parachuting. Or bungee jumping. Or having sex. Or floating in flotation pod. Or playing a musical instrument. Or painting. Or chanting. Or doing yoga. Or doing that spinning thing whirling dervishes do.

The primal human in all of us just wants to be within itself in one moment at a time, experiencing the sensation of the moment, not being aware that time is passing.

One specific religion made me think about all this and I’ve realised in the end that in all religions, in all cultures, in all times, people just want to BE present…

What do you think? In how many ways do you get to a flow state every week?

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