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February – Turning 100, turning 13

Oh hi, I’m still here. Snowed under but not literally. The Beast From the East isn’t bothering me as I’m Estonian but life’s just busy. There’s actually much euphoria in my household from all the snow and I find myself fetching dry clothes for the kids every half an hour so they can continue rolling around outside.

The cat is the opposite of excited though. She refuses to out outside so we’ve had to bring in the emergency litter box that we usually just use when we’re away and have a cat sitter.

But anyway, it’s been a month of a few celebrations – biggest one being Estonia turning 100. I stumbled upon multiple boxes of Estonian flag coloured candy at work the other day. It was a nice surprise although not totally shocking as the kind of place I work at has lots of visitors and we often have ‘exotic’ sweets for grabs in coffee areas.

I didn’t take part in any official celebrations that took place in London but we had a little gathering with some local friends and ate some Estonian food and the kids got educated on Estonian history.

We also celebrated another birthday in February. This one only double digits, but it means we officially have a teenager in the house.

The teenager says he doesn’t feel any different and he doesn’t look any different but whenever he’s doing something his little brother disapproves of, the little one mumbles “Teenagers…” under his breath.

And now it’s March and March has brought along quite a few life changes but that’s all for the next post 😉

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