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#injuredrunner goes to Mallorca

It’s been 45 days since I last ran. It’s starting to feel like 450.

My foot is not super painful but a low level niggle is there most of the time so I’m not running. I still go to Crossfit but even though I substitute all running and jumping with other things, sometimes my foot is still a bit sorer after Crossfit than before. Ugh. I just want this thing to go away already.

I was supposed to see a physio a couple of weeks ago but we went to Mallorca and now I’m in Luxembourg for work. Physio has been rescheduled for this Friday and I’m really curious to hear what they’ll say (and I’m curious to see if I actually believe them and take their advice ;P.

But anyway, a week in Mallorca was brilliant. I ate a bit too much and felt like a proper big slob by day 5 but weirdly just as I’m a 100% NOT able to not stuff my face with bread and chocolate and whatnot when I’m on holidays, I’m a 100% able to NOT do that when I’m at home.  I don’t know what that is but the good part is that after a few days back in London I feel back to normal.

It was my first time in Mallorca and it was HARD not to go for a run.

Mallorca is made for running and cycling but we just walked a lot, sometimes just on the beach, sometimes uphill. We conquered the 815m Alaro Castle even though we didn’t quite plan on walking that far or that high but once we got going, I couldn’t stop until we got there.

Alaro castle; Mallorca

Alaro castle is on top of that thing. Seriously.

My big kiddo decided on day 2 of the holidays that his feet are all of a sudden totally and impossibly big for his shoes so he wore my running sneakers (not sure why I packed them but turns out they were very much needed). I wore my Converse and after 15km up and down a ‘mountain’ my niggly foot was definitely a bit niggly again.

I think the views were worth it.

View from Alaro castle; Mallorca

We also got to try out proper rock climbing for the first time. It was scary but totally something I want to do a lot more in the future. It’s much less of a muscle game than bouldering indoors is, and much more of a mental game – trusting your feet and hands to find little places to support you, moving little by little, learning to feel the balance of your body against the rock.

I made it all the way to the end of just one climb. I’m not a huge fan of heights, I need to test the waters rock a few times before I feel like I’m ready to go for it all the way. It was such a fun day though, if you’re in Mallorca, check out Rock and Ride Mallorca for guided climbing.

Hiking and climbing aside, I’m sure my foot appreciated daily walks in cold ocean water. I keep sending all the healing vibes down to my arch, patience is not one of my strong points and I miss running… Even on the streets of London, even when the views are different from this:

Playa de Muro; Mallorca

Please come back to me, running feet.

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  • Reply
    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    April 11, 2018 at 12:07 pm

    Ahh fingers crossed for you. I know only too well how much it sucks being injured x

    • Reply
      Lina • Mind over Matter
      April 12, 2018 at 12:06 pm

      Thank you. It’s super annoying how it just crept up on me and how it just won’t heal!

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