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Me and Instagram: it’s an on/off relationship


I loved Instagram a lot for a long time. 7 months ago, however, we broke up.

I was getting ready to run another marathon and I wanted to run it for myself. Without any social media announcements beforehand, without feeling that I HAD to report on every training run. I wanted to run it without feeling that the world was waiting to hear how I did. I wanted to just run it. Just how I felt on the day. Just for me.

I don’t normally feel that strongly about no social media before a race but for that marathon for whatever reason I did.

I wanted to feel what running meant for me.

It’s a bit weird to explain but that’s the place my brain was at and I just deleted my Instagram account.

In the end the marathon went really well and I did blog about it.

But I still enjoyed being out of the Insta world. I enjoyed having one less app to refresh every 2 minutes.

Then slowly over the months I started missing taking photos… and I started checking people’s accounts because I felt like I was missing “catching up” with lots of cool people…

And then I was torn again not knowing whether I actually liked Instagram and its visual nature of sharing, or whether I disliked it…

In general I really like when people share their unique human existence. I like when people find their “tribe” and connect over similar hobbies or world views. Trying to figure everything out by yourself doesn’t make you a superior strong person, it makes you a lonely one.

What I dislike about Instagram is the deluge of “Look at me! Look at me!” accounts. So often the message that goes with that is “Look at me, did it. I figured it out. Be like me!”, and sometimes that goes onto “Pay me money and I’ll teach you how to look EXACTLY like me!”

But that is such nonsense.

NOBODY has it all figured out. Nobody.

No human is ever “finished”, we never have everything figured out all the way. We are all winging it.

Life is a journey, process, a project. WE as humans are works in progress, we should not be afraid to change, to evolve, to change our minds, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon our OWN journeys and try to become somebody else!

Too many Instagram accounts come across as “Look at my perfect life and how I’ve figured it all out”. It puts too much pressure on young people who haven’t yet learned the lesson that it’s ok to have bad days, bad workouts, “bad” food.

The good news is that it’s all controllable. YOU control who you follow. And don’t look at anything that comes up when you click on the search/magnifying glass icon.

At least that’s my plan – to follow my tribe and to ignore any perfectionist vibe or “Go hard or go home 24/7” bullshit.

And I will try not to take any photos of food or abs because the Insta world does not need any more of those!

If you want to find me again – here I am.

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    May 4, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I completely understand why you deleted it, but I missed your pictures and it’s good to have you back. :)`

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