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Sh*t happens but sunshine makes it all better

Running in Battersea Park

Oh, hi. Long time no see. The weather got good! I’m out and about fitnessing when I’m not working or yelling at the kids to pick up their socks / shoes / underwear / snack remnants / toys / more socks (somebody please give me a machine for next Christmas that has prerecorded “pick up your…” sentences so I can just push the relevant buttons every few minutes and save my vocal cords).

But anyway, the great weather helps with all the other !*&^$£ that’s going on.

Both kids have big exams in a week and even though I’m the opposite of a helicopter parent and stay away from their studying, this whole process still stresses me out.

Then there’s the shed that got hacked to bits when 2 of our bikes were stolen a couple of weeks ago. We’ve contacted several companies to get it fixed but NOBODY has returned a quote to us yet.

Then my work’s completely bonkers right now too, I’m in the middle of the last month of a year-long website migration project and dios mio – some days are insane.

Then our big palm tree in front of the house has grown so tall that it’s interfering with the Sky dish and everything we want taped FAILS and at the end of the day I really, REALLY do not enjoy it when I can’t watch the Handmaid’s Tale!

Then I got my latest medical report and my freaking cholesterol keeps going up and according to my BMI I am borderline overweight and I KNOW muscles and all. but I hate getting these reports from my doctor with leaflets on cholesterol management and weight loss. Ugh.

Then some days I feel really well and am really glad that Citalopram is working, but then I get a day when my mind is so dark that I’m so tired and just want to sleep and I skip Crossfit and just lay low while it blows over.

All this is small stuff though.

“Just life”, like my therapist says (whom I’m not seeing anymore, by the way, but that’s a topic for another post).

The BEST news is that I’m running again! My foot’s not a 100% all the time, but while I’m running it is. No pain, no niggles.

And most weekends have been sunny and sporty recently – just the way we like it. I made a little video of some good moments.

Just to make myself look on the bright side of life. Because the bright side is actually pretty bright right now.

So onwards and upwards. A lot of summer is still ahead and summertime is my happy time.

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    Anna @AnnaTheApple
    May 29, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Whoop whoop! Glad you’re getting back to running and it’s barely niggling 🙂

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