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I am not a goal setter / goal getter

Fitness goals are big in 2018.

Everybody seems to have a list of very concrete things they are working towards, and are continuously checking their progress.

I can totally see how this would be a good idea and how it works for a lot of people, but I personally can’t do it.

Maybe it’s my age (why would I look too much into the future when that means thinking about my 50s, 60s, etc.), maybe it’s because I am a rebel personality type who freezes and flees as soon as something is worded with a ‘should’ or a ‘must’.

(Even if I myself am the one who sets the ‘should’ or a ‘must’! I know, this personality trait makes no sense but is strong!)

Of course one of my hopes and aims is to be as fit as possible until I’m 100 but the properly goal oriented people would say that’s way too vague and way too long term.

The thing is that I like just working on one day at a time.

I like enjoying one day at a time.

I try to do all of these things every day:

  1. play/move/exercise
  2. sleep enough
  3. eat well (and that doesn’t mean ‘clean’, it just means enjoying what I eat / enjoying how it makes me feel)
  4. spend time with my family and get my work done

The future for me is old age. I’m not afraid of it but I’m also not thinking

… I’ll be happy when I’m able to do x

… I’ll be happy when I’m able to run x kms in x time

I’m not waiting for anything. I’m having the best time right.now.

I hope that it will continue for a long time, and the way I want to get there is just one day at a time.

Interestingly I recently PBd some of my lifts. Just by showing up to Crossfit and having fun.

I COULD set a target of, let’s say, a 100kg back squat and find a program and work on it and achieve it within a time frame.

But it’s not actually important to me.

What’s important to me is just to freaking have fun and I know what just by showing up and working hard in whatever task I work on, every little day and workout will add up.

Like I said in the Insta caption above:

I’m 42 years old and I run/swim/climb/lift/play/sweat every day just because it’s FUN and makes me feel alive!

For rebels, the only motivator is FUN.

If it’s fun, I do it and I do it with all the enthusiasm I’ve got.

Of course to function as a socially accepted mother/wife/employee, I have to do a lot of things in life that are not FUN as such but just have to get done. I get it. I’m repressing my rebelness but one does have to function as part of the society. In my fitness life though, I set them rules ;P

I ran a 5k race last night and didn’t even look at my watch a lot for a change. I ran hard, observed my body throughout, tried to catch the lady in front of me, enjoyed the endorphins of working hard and I crossed the finish line second lady and first in my age group.

I could say that I want to eventually run a sub 20-min 5km. I could work on it and make it my focus. But I’m not in a rush and I don’t want to do that. I ran a good race yesterday. I was aware of my legs and my lungs, I pushed myself hard but not to the point of hating running. The end time doesn’t matter. I achieved what I want every race to be.

Now let me get some boring chores out of the way and then I’m off to Crossfit! I don’t even know what’s programmed for today but I do know I’m going to LOVE it.

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  • Reply
    Katie B
    July 10, 2018 at 10:45 am

    I couldn’t agree more, I’ve recently started enjoying my life/fitness more when I stopped setting goals or feeling anxious about trying to be/do the same as everyone else.
    Why are we all waiting for XYZ? The time is NOW!

  • Reply
    Tess @ FitBits
    June 30, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    Love this! With social media it’s easy to get caught up in goal setting because that’s what we think we should be doing. For me, I stay fit because I love how it makes me feel – fitness for fun and wellbeing first and foremost. I do want to progress though – lifting heavier, getting stronger – but it’s a secondary gain to the happiness it brings me 🙂

    • Reply
      mind matter project
      July 2, 2018 at 11:05 am

      That is exactly my attitude as well!

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