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I may not look like it but I’m so made for marathons

I have not blogged for 16 weeks. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because I’ve bloody been running every freaking day getting ready for London Marathon!

Lots of people have commented on social media that I’ve “worked really hard” for this marathon and yes, I ran a lot more than I normally have in marathon prep but I wouldn’t call it work! I don’t get paid to run marathons. I totally wish I did but I’m a totally average over 40 big boned non-marathon runner looking runner.

And that is fine with me. Because this average runner just finished the London Marathon in 3:37:21.

[happy dance]

Marathon day was GORGEOUS. Absolutely perfect. The weather cooled down, the organisation of the race was supberb, the crowds were amazing, seeing friends and family on the course was a first for me (I have run marathons away from home normally with no known spectators) and the actual physical buzz I felt in my body when I saw people I knew was unreal!

Here I am at half-way point, feeling glad that I didn’t make a loo stop after 2km even though I felt like after all the time waiting in the staring pen I just HAD to pee (I know from training runs that this feeling can pass and it did :), feeling glad that even though my quads and calves feel heavy, I know that the Hansons’ Marathon Method training trained me for just that – running with tired legs.

Half of the race until this point, until Tower Bridge, is a bit of a straight slog through suburbia but after the bridge, it’s a total party. I only looked at my current km pace so didn’t know what my overall pace was but it wasn’t important – I knew I had to keep every km under 5:13 min/km to come under 3:40.

When I got to 30km I was like “Oh man, just 12km to go. I need to enjoy every moment, this is IT, this is me finally running the London marathon and how amazing is it that I feel FINE!”

I sped up a bit for the next few kms but then the quads said ouch and the last 5km to the finish line were hard(ish) but the crowds made me feel like a superstar and I crossed the finish line with a PB time and my most important goal achieved – I enjoyed the race, I felt strong, I had hardly any dark moments and weirdly this marathon felt shorter than all the previous ones I’ve done.

London Marathon 2019

I’ll write more about the Hansons Marathon Method training later. I should have more time now for things I’ve abandoned for the past 16 weeks – like my children, like my husband, like cooking, like Crossfit, like rock climbing, like blogging.

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    May 10, 2019 at 11:02 am

    Well Done! Fantastic time! Next stop Boston!

    I slowed and suffered a little thought the last 10km but PB’d and hit my goal time.
    Iain recently posted…Should you run a negative split?My Profile

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