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I moved to Holland

I’m currently living in Haarlem and working in Amsterdam. Life is a weird little bastard but sometimes the curveballs it throws actually turn out to be an experience you appreciate.

My boys are still in London. My house is still in London.

But I’m here.

This is them fruits of Brexit.

But don’t get me wrong, while I have awful dreams about my kids (the kind where they die horribly and I wake up totally distraught), during the daytime I’m loving the life. After almost 15 years of parenting – I don’t have anything else to do during my days other than work, exercise, eat, sight-see & go out testing Dutch beer.

It’s a pretty easy life right now!

My bike commute from Haarlem is 13km and I’m in love with the cycle paths and the sights. Some days I run in the mornings instead so I take the train in – 10 minutes and I’m in the office!

I lived in Munich for a year when I was 20 and right now I feel like this is happening again. An adventure that involves learning a new language, cycling a lot, seeing new places. The only difference is that the consumption of beer is a little bit less this time and I’m not totally broke and eating just tinned peas for dinner.

I would hate me right now if I weren’t me.

Who gets to have an experience that like when they’re 43?

As for where to from here – I’m back in London now and again between now and September. I’m spending all of September in London and from October I’ll be commuting between London and Amsterdam a bit more frequently than now. I’m officially an EasyJet and Eurostar VIP now (just don’t mention the environment to me).

And since this is a fitnessy kind of a blog – I should note that I’m training for the London Triathlon at the end of July and for the New York City marathon in November.

Tot ziens!

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    July 20, 2019 at 1:37 am

    Wow. Wow! I’m, like, not even sure what to ask. I want to know more of what it feels like to you, but I think you’ve probably written as much in this post as you’re comfortable sharing.

    I myself am in a position where I’m kinda-sorta considering taking up work elsewhere for 1 year (because there is A LOT of work in Auckland which is North of NZ, but I am at the very bottom South of NZ, and it would be really good to get good work experience with big projects which is simply not happening down here), but for the moment I’m not doing anything towards it because I really don’t know how I would cope, or my kids, or my husband, if I become ‘fly in every 3 weeks’ sort of a parent. (Plus the environmental issue of flying which makes the whole idea go down the drain.) And now I see you write this post and I’m, like, I want to know more! How does it work? How does anyone feel? But I think I’ll just sit back and wait, maybe you’ll write about it more in the future.

    I wish you well! 🙂

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      mind matter project
      July 22, 2019 at 9:21 am

      Right now is definitely the honeymoon period for me and Holland. My kids are on school holidays so my mom’s in London helping out my husband. Then the kids will go to Estonia with her and only from the autumn do I start commuting on a weekly basis. That’ll be a true test for me, the kids and my husband. My kids are old enough to go to school by themselves though so my husband will just have to pack lunch for one of them and make sure he doesn’t stay in the office until 9pm 🙂

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    July 18, 2019 at 2:29 pm

    It sounds perfect! Would love to do that. My kids are old enough to leave behind but would they let to take Labrador with me?? 🙂 🙂 Enjoy the experience

    • Reply
      mind matter project
      July 22, 2019 at 9:22 am

      You’d take your dog over your kids! 😛 But yes, there are lots of dogs here and lots of parks 😀

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