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Hello from the other side

I’ve been thinking that if I postpone writing about the amazing summer in Amsterdam then it means it’s not really over.

But today October is STARING me straight in the eye kind of very uncomfortably and telling me to stop being in denial. Fine. FINE. I’ll write about it. I’ll admit it’s over.

Lots of things happened this summer. Mostly good things. I started working in my new Amsterdam office (my job moved from London due to Brexit), my family had almost daily family meetings discussing the way forward and we really came together as a unit – the kids stopped moaning about stupid daily stuff, they started showing a lot more gratitude for things in their lives, they stopped throwing tantrums about the July 2020 move and I feel like they really started to feel like part of the team that is our family and now moan at LEAST 75% less when I ask them to empty the dishwasher or take the recycling out. #teamwork

Big changes are scary for kids though. And they’re scary for me too because I’m moving them from the country they’ve grown up in. BUT scary doesn’t mean bad. I keep reminding myself of this almost on a daily basis:

For kids what takes a bit of the fear away is letting them be part of the decision making process (or at least making them THINK that they are πŸ˜‰ and to reinforce the fact that we’re all in it together.

Let me tell you though – as excited as I am about the move and as eager as I am to leave Brexitland behind, the logistics of moving countries with older kids AND a husband who does not have an European passport are complicated. So it’s such a mixed bag of emotions right now. I’m excited, I’m happy, I’m scared, I’m stressed. I eat even more than usual when I’m stressed and now I’ve gotten a bit fat and I have a marathon to run in 4 weeks and that’s stressing me out a bit more. As much as I love running, I can’t wait to have the marathon over and done with so I at least don’t have any race stress in my life.

I have 36 weeks of commuting to Amsterdam every Monday to Wednesday ahead of me. 36 weeks to figure everything out. Just HOW much of an emotional roller-coaster this time will be only time will tell ;P

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