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A scared new world

I have volunteered to go to the chemist this afternoon to pick up a prescription medicine for a neighbour. She cannot leave her house as she’s immunocompromised. I’m hoping the line for medicines won’t be out the door and that they’ll enforce the 2m distance from each other rule.

The sun is out today so it’ll be a nice walk there and back. I’ll keep my distance from others on the streets and won’t get on the bus. The busses are not safe.

My youngest son is about to attend his weekly karate class virtually. The dojo is not safe.

My What’sApp is pinging with new messages constantly. One of my friends has spotted fresh vegetables in Marks and Spencer. The other has located hand sanitizer in Boots. Third one is still out and about looking for toilet paper.

Another neighbour has emailed our street’s mailing list asking everyone to look out for a children’s cough medicine for her 2-year old. The child’s cough is not related to the virus but chemists are empty, most medicines related to coughing or fever have been sold out.

I Skyped with my mother last night. She’s thankfully safe in a small town in Estonia where the virus hasn’t reached yet. She still goes out for walks with her friends and has enough food to last a few weeks.

On Monday morning, I will not get on my usual Eurostar service to Amsterdam. My office there is closed. We are all working from home.

We are so lucky that neither of us has lost our jobs. Thousands have. Thousands still will.

I popped into Currys Computers the other day to get a webcam for my teenager’s computer but the webcam shelf was empty. I managed to find one online but it won’t arrive in time for his first online school day on Monday.

My What’sApp pinged again, apparently womens’ sanitary products are running low in the shops. Shoot. I don’t want to hoard yet I need at least a month’s supply.

Our April holiday to Berlin is cancelled as all European and most global borders are closed. There are no flights. There are no trains. I’m still hoping that we’ll be able to go to Estonia in July but at this point no one knows what this virus will do by then.

I wash my hands so often I can see my skin flaking off. Every time I’ve been outside the house, I wash my keys with soap and water and sanitise my phone.

This virus can remain active in air for 3 hours, on hard surfaces for 3 days, on cardboard for 24 hours, on copper for 4 hours. Too bad not much out there is made of copper.

The London Marathon is postponed until October. The Olympic Games are about to be delayed for a year.

Cafes, pubs and restaurants are closed as of this morning.

Gyms, spas, salons, cinemas and theatres are also all closed as of this morning.

I’m looking out at my little back yard and all of a sudden it looks big and beatiful. It will enable me to exercise, it will enable me to get some sun on my skin once the weather warms up.

This is not fiction I’m writing.

This is March 2020 in London, Europe, Earth.

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